Positive Attitude

To be positive is to be in that frame of mind where things look bright and cheerful for you know that all is well and will turn out well, so when you listen to your own thoughts right this minute, are they positive or are they negative?

To ask a question like this is to understand why you may be feeling negative, I for one used to always think negative, but now positive thinking has many rewards and benefits that I always try and steer towards a positive way of thinking as things just seem to happen if you put doubt aside and just get on with things.

What seems like a negative at the time can turn into a positive when you look back on it, because you know that the negative way of doing things learned you a lesson, when I was young, I would look at talking to groups of people as a negative and would try to avoid it if possible, but as I got older I found out that I wanted to get my point across but my negative thinking was trying to prevent me from doing so, so instead I just jumped at the opportunity to talk in groups at social functions and that sort of thing and it really helped my confidence and that to me turned into a positive.

Our own thoughts can determine our attitude and this can be shown through our body language if we aren’t thinking things through, I’ve lately been trying to think of something brilliant every morning when I wake up just to start my day off with a bang and something to look forward too as I think a positive attitude is something that we all should aim for even if things get bad at some point.

One of the things that I’ve found is that your attitude can affect those around you, so if you are a miserable pathetic twat who goes on about why life is so depressing, then you begin to associate that person with depression, on the other hand if you are a happy cheerful person who always looks on the bright side of life, then the room just seems to light up whenever they are around and then other people start smiling too and all is well.

Negative people get trodden on because they cause it themselves or blame it on everyone else, or they could indeed have very good reasons for being like this but they won’t help themselves to improve the situation, whereas positive people get welcomed and respected and that to me is the more happier conclusion, if we all went around with a face like a frozen arse, then the world would be in trouble and the suicide rate would increase for sure.

A positive attitude is said to help your health in that it can reduce stress and other problems if you don’t take things too seriously and negatively, one of the ways that I have become more positive is through the Internet, at least I have found something that I know full well I can be good at, whether that be writing articles here at hubpages, or making videos on YouTube or joking in the forums, it’s something that I wish I would have had access to when I was 20 years old in the year 2000, as that was the time when the Internet was becoming bigger, especially after the dot com boom went bust.

A healthier outlook on life is a positive step to take, find something you can focus on and run with it, the more you do it the better life will seem, I draw far too much, but I enjoy it, it’s a positive for me, I once said to my wife I love you but I love drawing as well and she’s ok with that now, even though I may cheat on her with a pack of charcoal pencils and a brand new sketchpad.

The fact of the matter is, the more you look at life as not being negative then positive things will begin to happen, so try adopting a positive attitude today.

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